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Coronation Street
9th December 1960 -

Coronation Street



Welcome to the world of Weatherfield

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Coronation Street was created by Tony Warren

The series is currently produced by Steve Frost. The executive producer is Kieran Roberts. It is a Granada Television production for ITV1.

This site is a small tribute to Coronation Street

Set in the fictitious Weatherfield, at the heart of the under belly of Salford, Greater Manchester.Coronation Street began on the 9th December 1960.  Over forty years later and over 5,800 episodes on, this serial is still going. It currently airs 5 times a week, usually 30 minutes in length - one episode Sundays, two episodes Mondays, one episode Wednesdays and one episode Fridays. More and more a 6th episode is being added with either a double helping on Fridays or a triple helping on Mondays.

Coronation Street is the UK's longest running TV serial. However it is not the UK's longest running Drama serial (soap), that honour belongs to The Archers - A radio serial that began in 1951.

Coronation Street began as a twice weekly programmel. Until 1989 it was shown generally Mondays and Wednesdays. Since 1989, the series became thrice weekly with an additional episode airing on Fridays. In 1996 the output was inreased to 4 episodes a week (Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays). Gradually and particularly from around 2001, extra special episodes were added and in 2002 a fifth episode was added on a regular basis.

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Also available at this mailing list is news and gossip about Coronation Street and Emmerdale. General discussions of Emmerdale's infamous Dingle clan, the actress Jacqueline Pirie and the two soaps she starred in - Coronation Street as Linda Baldwin and Emmerdale as the infamous Tina Dingle. Share in over 50 photos, take part in polls and much much more. This is the place for fans of both Corrie & Emmmerdale

Dawn_Acton - The Real Tracy Barlow Mailing List

This Group is dedicated to who many consider to be the best Tracy there has ever been and many think should still be playing the part - the multi-talented Dawn Acton. She was Tracy Barlow from 1988-1999 and contrary to popular belief played her beyond childhood and into her early twenties.

barbaraknox · The Versatile Barbara Knox

This Group is about the longest serving redhead in Coronation Street, the legendary, multi-award-winning Miss Barbara Mullaney/Knox. And this year she celebrates 32 years of regularly playing Rita Littlewood/Fairclough/Sullivan. You can also discuss anything off-topic about Corrie.

Sue_Nicholls · The Marvellous Sue Nicholls

This Group is devoted solely to the marvellous award-winning actress Sue Nicholls, who throughout her career has appeared in a variety of programmes including Crossroads, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Rentaghost and currently Coronation Street for more than 20 years as Audrey Potter/Roberts.

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The group is to celebrate the very long career of that fine actor Johnny Briggs and the character he played in Coronation Street from 1976-2006 Mike Baldwin

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