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Leanne Aneka Battersby/ Tilsley AKA Leanne Battersby

Played by & IMDB entry for Jane Danson

Appeared: 4 July 1997 - 23 August 2000, 7 June 2004 –

Born: 2nd July 1981

Married: Nicholas ("Nick") Tilsley 30 January 1998

Parents: Les Battersby & unknown mother

Stepmothers: Janice Battersby (raised Leanne as her own) and Priscilla ("Cilla") Battersby-Brown (her father's current wife)

Siblings: Toyah Battersby (step-sister with who she was raised with), Greg Kelly (half –brother), Billy Brown (step-brother), Fiona ("Fiz") Brown (step-sister), Chesney Battersby-Brown (step-brother)

Children: Abortion in 1999 (father Nick Tilsley)

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A young Leanne

Leanne first arrived in the street, back in July 1997 at the tender age of 16. She arrived with her father Les, her step-mum Janice and her step-sister Toyah. The Battersby family moved Into No. 5 and soon made a huge impression on the street. Both parents had been in prison and both girls had been cautioned by the police. And, they proved to be a loudly bunch and turned into the neighbours from hell! They were constantly up to no good shoplifting or just generally causing trouble. The first person to get on the wrong side of the Battersby’s was next door neighbour Curly Watt’s he got a into a fight with the family over the how loud their music was! It resulted in curly throwing the Stereo out the window and Les head butting him for his troubles!

Nick and Leanne
Nick and Leanne got married in secret

However, Leanne proved to be more popular especially with local boy Nick Tisley. There was an instant attraction between the pair and they soon began dating. They fell in love and became the Romeo and Juliet of the street, between warring families, especially as Nick’s mum Gail hated Leanne and did everything to split them up. But, they proved how much they loved each other by marrying in secret on 30th January 1998 in a small registry office in Edinburgh, after lying to their parents saying that they were off to a concert. It was a small affair which two strangers as their witnesses, but the pair where happy enough just to be declared husband and wife.

However, not everyone was so pleased for the couple least of all Gail! She went mad and disowned Nick and through him out the house! But, that didn’t stop the couple being together as they soon got their own place and enjoyed marriage life… For a while. That was until Nick’s grandfather Alf died tragically on Nick’s 18th birthday party. Although, he did leave Nick some money behind, which they used to go to Canada as the honeymoon they never had. Everything was prefect, until they returned from holiday, Leanne dropped a bombshell… She was pregnant! However, Nick didn’t share Leanne’s joy he was scared of being tied down, so he told Leanne to have an abortion and to pretend than she had suffered a miscarriage. She agreed, but soon regretted it and saw Nick for the spineless, pathetic loser that he really was, and when he decided to run away to Canada in early 1999, Leanne refused to go with him and said goodbye to her husband and filed for a divorce.

However, never being one to dwell on things Leanne newly single became involved with local bad boy Vikram and decided to change her job and began work at the Rovers. She was soon pulling as many men and pints; she became a party girl and soon became addicted to cocaine. She then soon became involved with local drug dealer Jez Quigley. Leanne began sleeping with Jez in return for drugs but then soon wasn’t enough for him, he wanted his money and as Leanne got more and more into debt she got more and more desperate and found that robbing the pub was the only way to get Jez his money. However, she changed her mind at the last minute and ended up in hospital after getting into a fight with one of Jez’s gang and terrified for her life Leanne decided to leave Weatherfield and go travelling with then boyfriend Mark Redman and in August 2000, Leanne left Weatherfield and all her troubles behind for Amsterdam.

Leanne arrived back on the Street in 2004

Leanne today

No-one heard from Leanne until June 2004, when she was discovered by her dad Les, his mate Patrick and Steve working in a lap dancing club in Manchester. After, being groped Leanne got into a fight and got thrown out of her house and her job. So, she had no option, but to return to Weatherfield and the Battersby household.

Leanne was soon stirring up trouble when she returned to the street and soon made enemies with Frankie Baldwin and Maria Sutherland. She also beat up Maria for what she did to Toyah and after being reunited with her ex-husband Nick, she managed to split up his engagement to Maria and drive him out of Weatherfield.

Leanne soon had eyes for Jamie Baldwin

Soon after Nick’s departure Leanne became involved with new boy Jamie Baldwin and got herself a new job at the café. Despite, an offer to move in with Jamie and the fact that she loves him, Leanne can’t resist danger, and has recently began an affair with Jamie’s father Danny! However, the party may be over for Leanne soon, when Frankie follows her to the hotel where she is spending the night with Danny! Will this be the end of yet another good relationship for Leanne? Or will she continue playing with fire?


Leanne and Jamie

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